Well, maybe not exactly running, but several people have bought copies of "Sister Daughter Mother Wife" since it became available. The irony is that I haven't seen a hard copy of it yet because my author copies will be coming straight from the publisher, and I think they're rushing out the ones that people have paid full price for.

Wow, what a feeling ! People are paying money to read MY book. When it started off a couple of years ago, it was just an idea that entered my head and now it's real. I didn't know if I should include a list of all the people who helped and encouraged me along the way. It ran into pretty high figures, so I decided not to. I've said my private thanks - they know who they are. There are a few people who need singling out though, so I'm going to do it here rather than anywhere else. If you don't like lists, look away now.
    My lovely niece, Ronnie - she was my first reader and she designed the cover.
    My friend Vivien - who was my second reader.
    Marc Nash - a brilliant writer I 'met' through Authonomy.com who gave me wonderful advice on restructuring.
    Michael D. Scott - another writer from Authonomy who helped me get the manuscript in shape for publication, and who put me in touch with New Generation Publishing.
    Helen Doyle - a dear friend, genius, confidante and (yes another) brilliant writer.
    My brother, Frank - he knows why!!!
    My sister Sue - one of my role models.

That's where I'm stopping - or I'll go on forever. There are so many.

I love you guys ! Without your input, I may not have made it to publication.