So finally, I get to hold a copy of my book. Heck - I've even autographed two, wahay! That makes me feel like a celebrity only without the bother of all that wealth 'n stuff. Doubt if I could handle that, anyway. It's a great feeling holding the printed and published version of "Sister, Daughter, Mother, Wife".   I remember the day I conceived the idea, in a disused toilet at school where some of us used to gather for a smoke. Hey - not when I was a pupil. I didn't smoke then. It was just before I took early retirement from teaching. (That didn't last. I'm back at it again, but at least the book's been written). One day, I'll write the teaching memoirs - but I'd better wait until I no longer need the supply work !

Anyway - onwards and upwards, I'll never get rich and famous if I keep blogging instead of writing.