I've often heard it said that some people work to live while others live to work. The debate as to which is better goes on and on. I fall into the 'work to live' category these days, because although I've always loved my day job I now appreciate my freedom and rest time more than ever.

Take last week for example. I worked from Monday to Thursday at a very reasonable school, not too far from home. Then I had a long weekend. That was great. Time to deal with stuff including having a rest. Time to write and catch up with people. Time to go shopping with my daughter. The weather on Friday was brilliant again. The kids I'd been teaching all week were on their annual rewards trip  to some theme park or other.
"Wouldn't you have liked to go with them?" asked a friend.
"Not on your life!" I said in all sincerity. My life on Friday was my own. No-one was paying for my time and no-one could ask anything of me unless I was prepared to give it freely. I think it's one of the main advantages of working the way I do now as a supply teacher (or a mercenary). If I don't feel like working I can refuse without feeling guilty. I don't have the responsibility I used to have, and I don't lose sleep over work anymore. Except when I worry that there may not be enough work to cover the bills. The restoration of the work/life balance for me has only been achieved through part-time working and removal of responsibility. It restored my love for my job and the quality of my life simultaneously.

Today, I'm at another very reasonable school actually covering my own subject for a change. It's really not a bad way to make a living.
Nowadays we seem to spend our lives setting and chasing targets in all aspects of our lives.
It was a big thing a few years ago when schools had to introduce target setting for every individual child on their books. It was also a lot of meaningless paper work. "Target Practice" is the title I chose for my new work in progress, which is a memoir of my years in teaching. I want it to be funny and heartwarming, so if you get a chance to look at it on Slushpilereader.com or Authonomy,(Yes, I went back for the feedback). I'd really appreciate your opinions.

For those who follow the progress of my verses - I am preparing a submission of poems about school at the moment. Really it just involves collating and editing stuff from my own personal collections of slush, going back years.

Watch this space and I'll let you know if I get anywhere.

Keep Smiling. :)