Well, I opened up the site, intending to launch into a tirade about something or other when I had a better idea. The opening scene of a new story came into my head and I am now deserting my post here on the blog to go write it before I lose it. Catch you later.
I've been wondering why people find blogs interesting. After all, a lot of them are just like online journals - full of personal thoughts and ramblings. Anyway, I've come to the conclusion that we bloggers write because we have to let it all come out somewhere, and people read the ramblings because we are all voyeurs at heart. We read, hoping to find some little bit of inspiration, titillation or motivation from someone else's thoughts or opinions. It's like living a second-hand life in a way. My own experiences are dull, let me see if I can get a thrill from someone else's.

Well, dear reader, (assuming you exist) if you're looking for excitement - you're in the wrong place. All my thrills come from my imagination and do not live in the non-fiction department of my website.

A promise to myself - once my book is in print, I will go out and GET A LIFE.
Hmm! 16 days without blogging seems to suggest a lack of determination, but that's not really the case. I've been doing what I do best - procrastinating.
I have finished a couple of short stories and some new poetry, but otherwise I've been 'treading water', as they say. I've read two 'real' books, which has made a pleasant change from making my eyes bleed with online reading.

Next week I have to spend 24 hours wearing a heart monitor and keeping a diary to record how the old ticker performs during a normal day's activities. I reckon the monitor will give up out of sheer boredom.
I  changed my mind about checking out of Authonomy. I'm giving it another month because I want to help Sue Edwards get to the Desk and I'd like to see Anonymity higher up as well. So I'll stick around and support them for a while longer.