Note from the Author:

Come on, admit it – the world’s worst invention was Football, singularly responsible for the breakdown of communications in many marriages.

The second most popular cause of communication failure is if either of the parties involved is a writer.

If both parties are writers – I really wouldn’t hold out any hope at all. There’s no home big enough for that ‘duel’. (Well – Stephen King’s wife Tabitha is also an excellent writer – but they have a VERY BIG house – so it’s OK.)




I wonder what I did to cause this icy silence in the room
I’ve broken some unwritten laws and earned the now unbroken gloom.
His face, like thunder, as he grips more tightly the remote control.
Between his teeth he bites his lips – the other side has scored a goal.

I cautiously release the breath that I’ve been holding well in check.
I thought that I should meet my death – those hands of his around my neck.
I watch him stiffen and inhale – the evil spirit exorcised
For all is well, they did not fail; the Wanderers have equalised.

A celebration now ensues, as rapidly they score again
He’s smiling and it cures my blues. I tentatively lift my pen.
I know that I must write a verse and pray I have the skill to rhyme.
I hope the score will not be worse when finally we reach full-time.


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