Today I looked up the term 'flash' fiction and now I know less about it than I did to begin with. By some definitions, my short stories would be in the flash category because they rarely exceed 2 pages. On the other hand, some definitions say 200-500 words. So who's right? Who cares?

From now on I shall categorise my shorts by my own definitions :

BERMUDA Shorts - A story that is long-enough to last for day out.
FOOTBALL Shorts - Fairly speedy - but with some room to spread out and relax.
RUNNING Shorts - Let's get a move on, folks, this story's in a hurry to reach the finish line.

I shall also add a special international category for stories that don't appeal to me for long :
AMERICAN shorts : one yank and they're off. 

Have a nice day, and do call back. My shorts can be viewed


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