I have decided to self-publish my novel because I'm in a hurry and may have to wait forever to follow the traditional route via agents etc.

Why am I in a hurry? Well, if I'm honest, the health scares I had in the Spring let me know that I'm not immortal and I want to see my book, my dream, in print before the Almighty decides to send me any more surprises.

That being the case, and me having no money 'n all, I took advice from from an Authonomy friend and submitted to New Generation for POD publication. (They're part of Legend Press).   I'll give a more detailed account when I can give you the full picture. The book should be out in a few weeks.

In the meantime, another friend, Marc Nash (formerly Sulci on Authonomy) has been going for self-pub with Legend Press on one of the more 'upmarket' deals- ie he's paying for it. He's writing a blog about the experience which is really helpful. Here's the link: http://self-publishinguser.blogspot.com/
10/1/2009 05:16:44 am

Very best of luck. Do make sure you know exactly what you're doing with your marketing strategy. And if you want to market as part of the Year Zero brand, you're still most welcome (www.yearzerowriters.wordpress.com). We have another launch on Dec 1st for the next set of novels.


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