I think I'm a rare breed amongst women because I don't like shopping. 
Clothes are just for keeping my body warm and/or decent. Shoes do the same for my feet. I really don't care what they look like and the less I pay for them, the better.
I can get excited about buying stationery or books, but everything else leaves me stone cold, especially when money is short.
Grocery shopping is a necessary evil, but if I really want to prolong the agony all I have to do is take along my cell-mate.
Take last weekend. We were down to our last £30, with no more money due until the day after tomorrow. Any woman would realise that those circumstances restrict your choices at the supermarket. Heck, they even restrict the choice of which supermarket you go to. There was no way I could go to Sainsbury's when we have LIDL and Poundland nearby. So off we went to LIDL and the Great Debate began. 
"Shall we get some steak?"
"No, we'll have a chicken. We can't afford steak this week."
"But the steak's £4 and so's the chicken." 
"Yes, but we'll get two meals plus sandwiches from a chicken."
"Oh, OK." He runs off down the aisle and returns with chocolate biscuits and cake. "These are 'on special," he announces. I do some mental calculations, aware that he means well. I have to save £13.50 for my bus pass, or I won't be able to get to work, so disposable income is really only £16.50 - biscuits are less important than toilet rolls, bread and milk. 
Well, suffice it to say that words were exchanged several times during that trip, simply because the male brain doesn't always function in the same way as the female one. At least, once we were back home I was able to prove how unnecessary the biscuits were, by making pancakes -his favourite treat. There's always flour and eggs and milk - because I usually try and shop alone! 
Roll on next weekend - I get paid.

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