This has been the strangest of weeks for me. Hence an extra blog post from a reluctant blogger.

A teacher by trade, I haven't taught a class all week. It's that time of year when as a language teacher I have to conduct what we used to call the "orals" but we now call Speaking Assessments in deference to the dumbing-down of society in general.
How a little assessment changes my dear pupils! There is one lad who has been bone idle throughout the year. He's been foul-mouthed and arrogant, frequently refusing to co-operate in class. Hardly surprising then, that he turned up for his assessment having done no preparation or revision of any sort.
I have to record these assessments for the Exam Board. This scared the life out of "Mr Big".
"Don't press 'record',Miss." he begged. "I don't wanna be recorded."
"We don't have a choice,"
"But, I don't know the answers,"
"You should have thought about that, earlier. Even last night would have helped a bit."
"Can't you tell me the answers, and then record?"
"Now, what good would that do?"
"It would make me pass the test."
"No, I won't do that.It would be cheating."
He started to cry. At this point, I turned OFF the microphone and had a little chuckle. I'm not usually cruel - but some people just need a comeuppance and on this occasion I was happy to provide it. 

Today some of my colleagues are 'on strike', so I'm in school, catching up with paper work because my union isn't striking this time. Thanks to those who are losing a day's pay for all of us. I hope our lot will join you next time. In the mean time, I'm setting my affairs in order and starting to pack up my gear because in three weeks time I'm out of here!

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