Sometimes the best things in life start off by accident. Back in the spring of 2011, on a well-known writers' website, (Authonomy), I started to read a manuscript that had me in fits of laughter. At that stage it wasn't completed, but it reached the Editor's Desk. The author was also a friend on Facebook, so I asked him if he wanted someone to proofread it as HC had requested the full MS. He generously allowed me to edit for him and I was delighted, because I got to read the whole book and really enjoyed it. 

As a result of this, and of the kind words of my original 'client', I picked up a few paid editing jobs for aspiring authors and started "Lilian Kendrick Writers' Services". I even got to edit for a couple of publishing houses. That's a great way to read lots of books and get paid for it.

All of this was accidental, as I never actually set out to be an editor. I was just doing a favour for a friend because I loved his stories and it really changed my life. 

No more trekking all around the city as a part-time supply teacher - these days I work for myself, editing, proofreading and writing. (I also do some private tuition ... once a teacher, always a teacher.)

A couple of weeks ago, I decided to republish one of my books that had gone out of print when I left my publisher. I'd never self-published a paperback before and it was a steep learning curve. I made a few mistakes with the formatting, but they'll be corrected soon. So I decided to publish my poetry too. No mistakes this time!  

It seems I've got the bug for publishing now, as I've just helped a friend to republish a couple of his books too. Links will follow as soon as they are live. Seems I'm now not only an Accidental Editor, but also an Accidental Publisher. Whatever next?

P.S. Just so you know - the author who got me started on the editing circuit was Adam Sifre, and the book was I've Been Deader (Click title to view on Amazon).

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