I reached the decision a few days ago that I've probably got as far as I can with my book on Authonomy. I've been around there for too long and things have changed so much recently. So tomorrow, I shall pull my book and ask them to delete the Verse_artiste account. It will give me a chance to do more writing. It's the fora that I'm really fed up with. Those places are not for me anyway. Some of the conversations get really out of hand these days, and the arguments aren't the same - people get so nasty. It's only the internet for heaven's sake, not a school playground.

Even some of the 'older' members are acting in a shoddy way. A few weeks back a new member started a thread saying she was just a reader and wanted recommendations. Within minutes someone was calling her a 'sock puppet', because she had read and backed three books by the same author. I notice the new one has gone now. She was on my friends' list. That happens to a lot of genuine people. They get 'bullied' away.

Don't get me wrong. There's a lot to commend the site, but it needs to be handled with care. I shall do that next time.
9/23/2009 07:49:22 am

Hey lillian, you should remain on Authonomy while the book first comes out cos it's a free advertising space for yo, with sample pages already in situ.

Your friends on there can buy it. (Mark me down for a copy by the way).


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