I am so undisciplined when it comes to blogging, it's no wonder nobody reads it. So here's a catch up from the thrilling world of the Verse-Artiste.

1. New novel started. Working title:  "Retribution" - Supernatural / horror with adult themes.
2. Loads of new poetry - may self-publish to Kindle - maybe called "The Facebook Collection"
3. As ever, writing Flashes whenever I have a moment free, so there are quite a few that may appear on this website soon. (The jury's out at the moment, I may have to post some and ask for a vote on whether it's any good.)

4. And finally, The Bucket List (as published in May):

1. Finish writing the WIP that's been almost as dormant as this blog recently.
2. Organise the Poems, Prayers and Parodies.
3. Visit Italy again and dream some more. 
4. Catch up with all the friends I'm always promising to call.
5. Do something I've never done before - that leaves me loads of scope.
6. Visit the USA. (Specifically - Maine and Wyoming, but the latter is subject to change, I 'd probably like to see New York as well.), 

I am happy to announce some progress with these intentions, specifically:
2 - Almost done.
4 - Well, I've begun.
5 - Was sooo much fun!

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