...instead of making up their own answers, dammit?
Back in February I said that if my book didn't reach the desk at Authonomy by the end of March, I would be taking it down and leaving the site to pursue other avenues. I said it several times both publicly, and privately to individuals. It appeared in forum posts, personal messages on the site, emails to other members and in convos on Facebook. Therefore, my plan to remove myself and my writing was NO SECRET. Neither was my motivation for doing so.

I now find out that various 'well-meaning' people are convinced I've been 'forced' off the site due to recent events which I don't need to outline here. I didn't make a song and dance out of going - a quick goodbye and that was it. I thought everyone knew why I was going. It had nothing to do with other people's tactics, neither did it have anything to do with not achieving my goal. I needed more time to get on with my life and more especially my writing.

Apparently, there are a number of people who are holding a wake because they feel I was manipulated in some way and left with no alternative but to quit. Nothing could be further from the truth. I am an intelligent adult, not nearly as naive as people think I am, and any decisions I made were made with my eyes wide open. As I said, the decision to leave in April was made and announced months before the recent onsite fiascos.

I'm truly grateful to all those who really care, but I'm fine and there's no need to worry, To the rest of you - stop using me as an example of some pathetic creature who didn't know her own mind. I clearly did most of what I set out to do :
I networked, I made friends, I worked on my book, I learned a lot, I self-published. (It's selling well - I'm happy) and now I've moved on. 

I can be found here, and on Facebook, Twitter, and Goodreads. Always happy to hear from any of you.

PS - I hope some of you get the message. I didn't want to rejoin as a sock just to make a point - that way madness lies!

I shall ask one of my authomates to post a link to here in the forum.

Janice Ivy
4/18/2010 12:24:12 am

Not sure you'll remember me but I enjoyed your posts at Authonomy. I haven't left the site but I'm not really 'there' anymore. Suddenly it just seemed to be 'too much' of so many negative things. I've left my book there and probably won't take it down until it drifts down past 200. I stop by there for a few minutes a day and then move on.
I have a new book up at Slush Pile--didn't I see your name there? It's a great site with a lot of nice people and a very responsive group of people running it.
I was half-way finished with the new book when I stopped being obsessed by Authonomy and I finished it a few days ago. Maybe HC's plan all along has been to get all the wannabe authors so addicted with the nonsense that goes on so they'll stop writing and submitting.
I would love to hear about how you self-published and how that is going.

4/18/2010 12:31:07 am

It's not the same without you, Lillian. See you on Face.

4/18/2010 01:50:09 am

Glad to see you're alive and well. Also happy to hear you speak in your own voice. Now that I know how to find this blog, I'll be checking it out.

4/18/2010 05:18:25 am

I never doubted you for a minute LK. You've got gumption and ethics and a good level head on your shoulders. You had the balls to do what a lot of people couldn't: get within spitting distance of the desk and say "Okay, I give it this much and no more--then I change my focus, no matter what." There are not a lot of people that could take stock and pull back like that. I applaud your decision--I bet you had that voice in the back of your head for a while, whispering "Just one more month."

But you got out.

And as far as the people trying to make you into a poster child for their own agendas, screw 'em.

4/18/2010 06:59:25 am

Annoymous says it well.

I agree totally with his/her last line.


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