My sister, Sue, is seriously into genealogy and she's been researching the family history for the last few years. She's found out some amazing stuff and, aided by my brother Frank and a couple of cousins, has created a great family website. I'm no good at all that research stuff. I never know where to start unless someone spells it out for me. So my contribution is going to be a memoir - tentatively called "Talkin' about my Generation". It will be a sort of collection of our childhood memories, probably only ever of interest to the family. In the last few years we have lost our two youngest brothers, so we're trying to preserve as much as we can for the sake of the next generation. Between the five of us we have had 12 children. They have now started yet another generation. So for the sake of those who will care about it - the chatty side of the family history starts here. Sue, Frank, Carol and James will deal with the facts; I will trade in memories and anecdotes.

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