I raved about it all over the Internet, I reviewed it, I helped edit it and I promoted and plugged it at every possible opportunity. It all paid off in the end because Adam Sifre has now agreed to release the hostages, take the shotgun away from my head and not to sell scandalous stories about me to the Sunday Tabloids.

Yes, dear readers, "I've Been Deader" by Adam Sifre is now a published work of Comic Horror, and I can once again walk down the street without being seized by one of Mr. Sifre's henchmen saying "Have you tweeted about it today?" or, "I didn't see anything about zombies in your FB status this morning."

You can get it now for your Kindle, and I believe the paperback will follow soon, published by Taylor Street Publishing. I can highly recommend it - you'll die laughing!

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PS - I did it, Adam. Can you send my cats back now, please?