Verse Artiste - Lilian Kendrick

A semi-retired teacher, I now devote a lot of my time to writing.

I write poetry (well, I prefer to call it verse) to order, so if you want me to write a poem for a special occasion or a special person - just ask.
(Sometimes I get paid for this, often I do it for love.)

My first novel "Sister, Daughter, Mother, Wife." escaped from captivity in January. Read all about it on "The Book" page.
Some of my poetry was included in a recent international anthology "Poeticising Chat"

I like to laugh, so get on best with funny people. (I also love those who are downright peculiar!) 
If you want to know more - ask. (I may even answer.) Contact me:

Favourite quote:  God answers all prayers , but sometimes the answer is 'no.'