Another wonderful sunny day. So good to be able to dry the washing outside. I've been investigating a few ideas and will be making moves soon towards publishing more poetry.

This week was good to me. I worked full time at a local primary school and loved every minute of it. I'm back there for a couple of days next week as well, which is delightful.

Too hot to blog properly tonight but will try to be more inspired next time.
Does anyone else have trouble deciding to delete emails?
Last night I realised that I had thousands of them that were just sitting there in my inbox taking up space. Now I know some things are worth archiving for future reference, but really, some of the stuff I'd saved was just garbage or chit chat. I mean, I wouldn't dream of saving all the phone calls I've made for a year. I had over 300 from one friend - stretching back for about a year. Anyway - I took the plunge and deleted practically everything. Just waiting for the fallout now, when I find that I've eradicated some crucial piece of information that I should really have saved.
The new resolution is "if in doubt, chuck it out". Now, if I could only apply that to the rest of my life all would be well.

Happy days! Tomorrow is my grandaughter's first birthday, so it's party in the park time. Jelly and ice-cream and giggles. Does life get any better? I think not.
That was always going to be the title of my collection of poetry, except that until recently, I've never seriously considered making most of my poetry public. It's kind of personal a lot of the time, and therefore it only ever gets shown to the people it's written for.

Anyway, I've had a change of heart lately and I'm going to post some of my poetry on the website. I'd love to hear reactions to it for many reasons, but mainly because I want to know if it's any good. Seriously, folks - for me, writing poetry is very easy, I have some sonnets that took an average of 10 minutes each. I think in verse and I love the challenges presented by adhering to a strict format sometimes, but can anything this easy be worth reading? Please click on the link :  and have a gander.
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