I woke up this morning with an original idea to revolutionise the world of blogging.

Everyone blogs nowadays, so I’m sure to be on a winner with my idea of a blogging technique for the technically-challenged. Heck, it’s designed for people who haven’t even got computers!

I’m so excited I rush through the morning routine: shower, dress, breakfast, meds. Then I’m ready to charge down to the High Street and pick up the equipment I need to start my new blog.

There’s a sale on at W H Smith, so I save £1.50 on my purchases – a pack of three spiral notebooks and ten ballpoint pens. (Black ink, fine point – so much more sophisticated!)

I’m about to race home, when a text message reminds me I’m meeting an old friend for coffee.

“You seem a bit distracted this morning, is everything OK?” Elaine has been talking to me for five minutes and I haven’t heard a word.

“Sorry. I’ve been caught up in a new writing project. It won’t get out of my head.” I take a gulp of my cold coffee and a swipe at the fly that has been making a meal of my doughnut. All I want to do is get home and start writing.

“Well, don’t let me distract you. I have to be at the hairdresser’s in ten minutes. Call me at the weekend, yeah?” We hug. Elaine leaves.

Back at home, I unpack the new stationery, make fresh coffee and take advantage of my cell-mate’s temporary absence to start the project.

No title - just the date, followed by a random recording of the day’s events so far and my thoughts and feelings.  I write for half an hour and then Nature calls.

As I return from the bathroom, I discover that my son has stopped by. He is replacing my notebook on the desk.

“Sorry, Mum. I didn’t realise it was your diary.”

Diary? How could anyone think that my new computerless blog was a diary?

After all, a diary is a random recording of the day’s events often including the writer’s thoughts and feelings ...

...Oops! Back to the drawing-board.  



John Booth
8/9/2010 03:59:23 am

Great blog, Lillian

8/11/2010 07:50:12 am

Me 'n'all ;)


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